Quality policy.

Taali® is a company dedicated to manufacturing and commercializing flavors, fragrances, and extracts, and offers clean and safe products to all of its customers. With the following guidelines:

The implementation of GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURE PRACTICE) in its facilities. .

Maintaining quality and safety standards and requirements in all of its raw materials with the handling and care procedures provided by its suppliers.

Minimizing the risk in our supply chain by implementing a HACCP plan.

Constant training to all the employees through a formal and annual personnel-training program.

Constant feedback with our customers and fulfilling all the legal requirements applicable to our products.

Continuous improvement with communication and evaluation procedures.

Taali® supports these initiatives through the implementation of a formal and management system based on the updated FSSC 22000 standards.

Raw material policy.

Taali® is pleased to inform all of our providers that in order to comply with the quality and safety standards in our facilities, we must verify that each delivery complies with all the requirements of our internal procedures. Therefore, you must complete Form FTJC-10 and bring a copy of invoices, certificates and purchase orders. The driver or the person who is in charge of the deliver must sign this form. Our customer service personnel will help you obtain and complete a copy of the form.

This procedure is in place to maintain the security of our facilities, visitors, and staff. Our sales department will contact you if there are any questions regarding your visit.

In order to improve and make appropriate adjustments, Taali® always encourages you contact us with any comments or concerns. We value the relationship we have with our suppliers and thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Format FTJC-10

Visitant policy.

We welcome all visitors into our facilities but please remember the following points.

General admission: all visitors must schedule an appointment. You can make an appointment by contacting our office. (The appointments are subject to availability and the availability of personnel for your assistance).
When visitors first arrive to the facilities, they must show their face to a security camera at the main gate. The use of caps or any object that partially or completely covers the face at any time of the visit are not allowed. You must present an official identification and in exchange you will receive a Taali® identification badge that must be worn in a visible place during the entire visit.

You will sign the visit book at the reception and cannot enter the facilities with bags without previous authorization. Please leave all personal belongings in your vehicle. Bags are subject to search. An escort is required during your entire visit. Smoking is not allow in our facilities. It is strictly forbidden to access restricted areas. After your visit a staff member will guide you to the exit. Please do not forget your ID and your personal belongings. Taali® is not responsible for any lost items.

Policy production areas visit.

All visitors are welcome and must consider the rules below:

You must wash and disinfect your hands before coming into the production plant; you can only use the sanitary products offered by the company. You must wear a cap and face mask that covers your hair, mouth, nose and beard. Wearing gloves will depend on the activities you are going to perform in the production plant. We do not allow skirts, shorts or any clothing that does not cover the lower limbs. No high heels are allowed; you can only enter into the area with low and fully closed shoes, preferably safety shoes. Please do not wear rings, earings, bracelets or any object that could fall from your person. You should have your nails short and without nail polish..

You cannot enter the production area with any kind of unauthorized object and you must inventory of all objects to include pens, papers, and staples and register them on a form. You must wear a white coat or coveralls during the entire visit. Cell phones are not allowed in the production area. The entry of people with infectious diseases such as flu, stomach infections, or any other disease or even symptoms that risks the safety of the production area or its members is not allowed. If you have an open wound you must inform our staff in order to adequately cover it with plastic material and prevent fluid contamination. If sneezing you should cover mouth with your forearm and immediately wash and disinfected your hands. You must always follow Taali's® rules and procedures. You must not scratch, break, or mistreat any material or equipment. For your visit you must report the number of people accompanying you and must follow the guidelines described in this document and the instructions from our personnel.