Line products

Line products.

Taali® sells flavors, fragrances and extracts in different presentations, for different applications and purposes. We know the importance of the personalized service you need and will always look for solutions that fit your expectations.

The dosage of our products may differ depending on your request and your line of production. Under that respect, Taali® offers you specialized formulas to improve the performance of the final product. You should ask our sales consultants for the best options for your order. All of our products are properly packaged and sealed in order to maintain its security.

Taali® provides services to different companies and industries regardless of size or location. We sell in large and small quantities depending on your business's needs. Please contact us to ask about our minimum purchase quantity.

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Essential oils and oleoresins:

These are organic and volatile substances with high levels of aroma and flavor obtained from plants, fruits or green seeds through a distillation process. The results are products with a high concentration. Oleoresins are less volatile substances but still powerful and with a longer shelf life. These are obtained from spices and dry seeds.

Spray dry powder:

With a very special process that includes high temperatures, the liquid and the base are atomized forming a fine powder. This process results in a more sanitary product, with lower probability of contamination and a longer shelf life.

Adsorbate Powder:

The mechanic mixture of a liquid base substance with a powder. The substrate absorbs the liquid flavor (adsorbate) and the result is a powdery product with flavor and odor. This kind of product is generally used in production lines for gelatin, powdered flavors for water, and seasonings but it can be employed for different uses.


A fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid into another in which both are not miscible. An emulsion is formed in two phases: Dispersed phase: the minute droplets of a liquid. Continuous phase: the other liquid in which the dispersed droplets are placed in

Natural Extracts:

A process of extraction that consists in elevating the temperature of water until obtaining the active substance of plants or herbs. It is then mixed with a solvent to produce a concentrated product. The substance can be aqueous, hydroalcoholic, alcoholic –glycolic, alcohol, glycol, or oils.


An aqueous solution compounded by a mixture of aromatic chemicals and essential oils. This mixture includes flavors and aromas and is colorless.


A substance with a high concentration of chemical products that must be diluted before use. This mixture includes flavors, aromas and can be with or without color.